5 tips to secure Facebook account

We all Knows that Social Media is Very Popular Now these Days, & The Importance of the social media site to business, communication, journalism and social relationship is hard to overstate, with user across the world devoting countless hours to the location and Facebook Becoming an increasingly important way of obtaining information not only friends & family but about the world events.

Side by Side Black hut Hackers is so active Day by Day. They want to theft our secret information by hacking our Facebook account, So In this post, I’m going to Discuss some important tips that will help you to secure your Facebook account, or you will understand how to prevents hackers attacks.


1. Always Create Strong Passwords

Create Strong Passwords, because  Strong passwords are important protections to help you to safer online Space,  most of the time you create passwords which are easily guessable, like your mobile number, your wife name, bike name or number, etc.

Key to Passwords Strength – Length and complexity. 

An Ideal password is long and has symbols, punctuation, letters, and numbers.

I’m sharing Strong password generators tools.


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2. Use Login Approval feature


Facebook has recently launched new security feature as login approval, So when you log in to your account, It will need the security pin code whenever you’re login to your Facebook account. For this settings, you need to flows these Step.

Settings → Security → Login approval → Edit link → Checkout box to activate login approval → save changes. 

When You enable this feature, You must now use a code or security key to log in on unrecognized devices.

In Login Approval Feature You have new three extraordinary features are also available. These are the features.

  • Security Key
  • Code Generator
  • Recovery code

Let me Explain the features in the Detail. 

  1. Security Key – Security keys are part of an extra security feature called login approvals. If you own a Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) compatible security key and turn on login approvals, you can use it when logging into your Facebook account from a new computer or mobile device. For This, you need a pen drive for Storing Encrypted key.


2.Code Generator – By Code Generator Option, You will get login access code through by Facebook third-party app or your registered mobile number either by text message.


3. Recovery code – This one of the most useful features launched by Facebook developers. You can use these code when you don’t have the mobile phone with you, such as when you are travelling out of the station.


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3. Always Confirm your mobile number

Mobile Conforming is one of the best many ways to improve your Facebook account security. Even if you forget or lose your password, Facebook will help you to send new security OTP (One time password) to you via SMS, so that you can reset your Facebook Password.

To add mobile number, just go to Account Setting → Mobile and Click on Add a Phone


Then select your Country/Region and set the mobile carrier before clicking Next.


Now You will get 6 digit confirmation code on your mobile phone


Now Your cell phone is Registered with Facebook. & When you forgot the password or some arise, this connection will helpful to reactivate your Facebook account.

4. Activate Your Trusted contact feature

Activate Trusted Contacts is something that has to be set up in advance. It is prevention rather than cure.

To add trusted contacts to your account:

  1. Go to your Security Settings.
  2. Click on the Trusted Contacts section.
  3. Click Choose Trusted Contacts.
  4. Choose 3-5 friends and confirm your choices.


After Set up 3 or 5 Trusted contact; they will be able to send OTP (One Time Security) Code from Facebook with a Special URL. Then You can contact with your friends for Security code to get help and then you will regain access to your account.

5. Avoid Spam Link or Third Party Facebook App 

Facebook is always very serious about Spam link and Always release new features to avoid these link.  Always make sure you are safe from being a victim to Scams. These Spam links ca lead your friends to a whole host of different scans, so it is important to find out What Happened, There are many Types of Attack Phishing links that will Redirect to fake website which looks like a Real Website, It May be Mazor Banks Phishing, Paypal, Facebook fake pages, etc. These link may affect your PC or mobile phone via malware, virus, worm, etc.

How to Avoid These Kind of Attack?

  • Check the URL of any site that asks you to provide personal information
  • Do not click on links asking for personal information. Instead, go directly to the site in question by typing the URL into your browser manually.
  • Only enter personal information on a secure website. You will know a website is secure if the URL begins with https:// and if a lock icon appears in the lower right corner of your Internet browser. Click on that lock icon to view the site’s security certificate.
  • Always use Up-to-date Paid Antivirus (*never use freeware antivirus)

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