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SEO : Search Engine optimization , is a technique which is being used to boost our website Organic traffic . Basically coming on the First page of google with  the help of keywords and make your brand visible to the public in order to get organic click from the customers. It helps to create the visibility of the company as well as creating a trust in customers mind for products and services provided by your company . People recognizes the brand and then after search with company names . Reliability, Trustworthiness have lots of importance in customers mind . People prefer going for a branded things except going for local . Company need to create visibility and shout for their brand, it actually help to boost there sales and revenue as well . Profit margin  and connections increases by serving a large number of clients in the market.

Organic means “creation of higher rank on the search result page “ It can be done via logo search , image search , sitelinks search and blog search. If a company get more and more number of visitors it will help the company to convert it into their valued customers . for example , if we take an example of particular segment casual Shoes – while purchasing a casual shoe people prefer going for brands like Nike , Adidas , Puma all these renowned brands . Have you ever Thought WHY ?

Its because these brands have created a trust and provided value to its customer and in fact till now they are providing. So. There is bond of trust that they have created in the mind of people . It comes with value, and Its 21 century internet world . If you as a business person don’t exist online then you nowhere stand in the market . With a flick of a second people GOOGLE things when they don’t know .When you are not there how can you serve your customer and how can you grow your business .

How SEO Process Works?

SEO Process

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